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Medical Spa Show Recap

March 20, 2018
The American Med Spa Association hosted the first ever Medical Spa Show in Las Vegas last month. The Medical Spa Show 2018 program featured presentations on trends, technologies, techniques, and regulations that affect medical spa practices.
Coverage begins at 3:00.

Avoiding problem patients

ABC Las Vegas Morning Blend
February 9, 2018

Med Spa Safety

The Aesthetic Channel
November 29, 2017
Problem patients, he says, have been known to retaliate for their dissatisfaction by calling the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), claiming illegal narcotics were being distributed at practices. They’ve called the FDA to claim the use of counterfeit Botox (Allergan). They’ve called the police, who have shown up at practices unannounced.

All this, just because a practice agreed to treat an unreasonable or “problem” patient.

6 Scary Reasons You Need to Be Suspicious of Every Single Med Spa Out There

Reader's Digest
June, 2017
At least 50 percent of medical spas and medical aesthetic practices operate illegally, according to the American Med Spa Association. That means you could really be putting yourself in danger with that suspiciously cheap Groupon for Botox or lip injections.

5 Reasons for a Practice Investigation

Dermatology Times
June 10, 2017
Chicago-based attorney Alex Thiersch says he and his colleagues have seen an uptick in the number of complaints to medical and nursing boards. As a consequence, he says, there has been an increase in practice investigations. Thiersch, a partner at ByrdAdatto and director of the American Med Spa Association, presented “Top 5 reasons your practice could likely be investigated,” at the 2017 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology meeting, in Las Vegas.

Patient privacy: When social media bites back

The Aesthetic Channel
June 7, 2017
Streaming live video and engaging people via social media are excellent marketing strategies. But for the cosmetic practices that use them, these marketing approaches are also risky. Very risky, according to Alex Thiersch, an attorney and partner at ByrdAdatto, and director of the American Med Spa Association, in Chicago.
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