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The Ins and Outs of Jawline and Jowls: AmSpa Masters Online Training Program

AmSpa Masters: The Ins and Outs of Jawline and Jowls


George Baxter-Holder, ARNP, DNP, CANS

Available On-demand for a Limited Time!

AmSpa Masters: The Ins and Outs of Jawline and Jowls with George Baxter-Holder, ARNP, DNP, CANS

Hosted by the American Med Spa Association (AmSpa)

Medical Spa Training Online and On-demand

What You'll Learn

This course will walk the attendee through a provider's step-wise approach for the lower face. We will begin with a balancing assessment of the lower face looking at the lights, shadows and contours. Then a focused dive into anatomy of the jaw and jowls.

There will be a didactic discussion about priorities for rejuvenation for the lower face; whether to dissolve stubborn jowl fat first then sharpen the jaw or only use filler for sharpening. Finally, the course will review the actual injections of both deoxycholic acid using a cannula in the jowls and injection of higher G’ products along the jawline for lights and shadows.


  • Didactic session 60 min:
    1. Assessment of the Jaw: lights, shadows and contours;
    2. Anatomy: skeleton, ligaments, vascular pitfalls, fat pads, muscles;
    3. Product Specific Review:
      1. Deoxycholic Acid Mechanism of action, uses and administration;
      2. Rheology review of products for Jawline.

  • Treatment Session 50 min:
    1. Male Jawline enhancement with Chin;
    2. Dissolving the Jowls;
    3. Female enhancement with Chin.
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About the Instructor

george baxter holder
George Baxter-Holder, ARNP, DNP, CANS has first-hand knowledge of how beauty-obsessed today’s Hollywood actors are. As a child actor in Hollywood he played the role of a genetically perfect boy on Star Trek: The Next Generation. His “bad boy” character made all around him start to age prematurely. In real life, George plays the “good guy” role. Trained as a board certified Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner and Doctor of Nursing Practice, he helps patients reverse the signs of aging at SkinSpirit Medical Spa in Austin TX. Additionally, he is the most utilized trainer with Galderma Aesthetis and is also one of three faculty at Academy for Injection Anatomy with Chris Surek, MD. He holds a Doctorate from Duke University and a Masters from the University of Washington. And while he is no longer, “genetically perfect” he is working on aging well.

Feedback for Ins and Outs of Jawline and Jowls

“The jawline course I took with George Baxter-Holder was excellent. Very scientific, and excellent focus on anatomy which is extremely important to me. He is an excellent teacher and I would love to see more classes with him. Easily one of the best virtual courses I have taken in 4 months, and I have done a lot.”

Jamie Gallagher, PA-C,
Dahlia by Women’s Health Associates
Bentonville, AR



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Henna Hamidi, Office Manager,
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