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Medical Spa Insider Podcast

The Medical Spa Insider bi-weekly podcast highlights the leading practitioners and professionals in the aesthetic space, and delves into some of the hot-button issues in the industry. In these informal talks AmSpa founder/director Alex Thiersch chats with today's aesthetic entrepreneurs over cocktails to learn about their careers and find out what makes them so successful.

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Episode 40: Medical Aesthetics From the 80s to Now featuring Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr.

With over 34 years in Aesthetic Dermatology, Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr. of Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology, joins us on the podcast to discuss the overlap between cosmetics and medicine, and the importance of having proper training and standards to provide good outcomes for all.

Episode 39: Life is Not Beyoncé or Bust

We’ve been told that pain turns into purpose, but how do you turn that idea into a reality? The founder and host of the one of the top podcasts in the nation, "Don't Keep Your Day Job," Cathy Heller, unpacks the tools you can use to find your purpose and happiness in life and in your medical spa career by making others feel visible, and contributing to yourself and the world every day.

Episode 38: How Do You Grow Your Business? Answer the Phone

In today’s podcast, AmSpa’s CEO, Alex Thiersch, chatted with Clint Berry, the CTO and co-founder of Weave, to discuss Weave’s smart phone system and software solutions, which have helped medical spas grow, retain and better communicate with patients across the entire customer journey.

Episode 37: Finding Medical Spa Success Through Integrity, Community and Relentless Education

Hermine Warren, APRN, CANS, took the leap into the world of aesthetics 15 years ago and hasn't looked back since. "Anyone can be great when there is a good outcome, but you need to be great when there is a bad outcome," she says. In this podcast, Warren shares her tips for success, including why she recommends an entire year of aesthetic training before you start injecting.

Episode 36: How a Noninvasive Pioneer Built a Multistate Brand on Customer Experience

Lynn Heublein, CEO and co-founder of SkinSpirit, joins Alex this week to discuss the brand's history—dating back to 2003—and business strategy. She delves into how the SkinSpirit built its name on prioritizing customer experience, how it survived the recession, and how she used her experience in technology startups to build a 12-practice brand spanning multiple states. Listen in for a high-level breakdown of the business side of medical spas from one of the industry's best.

Episode 35: How to Make $1.5 Million in Revenue from Instagram

"The second you become overconfident, you become dangerous." Shelby Miller, DNP, FNP-C, founder of RUMA Aesthetics, known on Instagram as @Aesthetic_Injector, explains how you can replicate her journey in the aesthetics world by having the right intentions, finding the right mentor, and immersing yourself in education, training and networking with your peers.

Episode 34: Plastic Surgeon Turned Med Spa Owner Reflects on Success

Steven Weiner, MD, of The Aesthetic Clinique stopped doing surgery 15 years ago and says, “It was the best decision I made in my entire life.” Now he says other plastic surgeons are asking him for his business plan. In this episode, we take a deep dive into the services, consultation process and marketing tools he has used to gain great success in the medical aesthetics industry, including using IV therapy to draw patients into his practice.

Episode 33: Greatest Hit: Dr. Sheila Nazarian on Her Goals, Her Motivations and Her Impact On Aesthetic Medicine

For this episode, we're kicking it back to one of our favorite episodes from last year with Dr. Sheila Nazarian. She is a star that is still on the rise in the world of plastic surgery, and she talks about her goals, her motivations, and her influence in the world of social media. Listen in to hear stories from her career, her background, and her personal philosophy.

Episode 32: From Survival Mode to Conquering your Business

Anna Churchill, Founder and CEO of Synergy Face & Body in Raleigh, North Carolina, a 15-year-old medical spa with two locations and $11 million in revenue, shares her secret sauce for employee retention and culture, and the metrics she uses to measure profitability in her business.

Episode 31: How to Make Sales Your Zone of Genius

AmSpa CEO Alex Thiersch and COO Cathy Christensen sat down with Terri Ross of Terri Ross Consulting to talk about what it’s like being a female entrepreneur in the aesthetics industry, and how medical aesthetic practices can scale their business to seven figures with simple sales training tools. Terri shares her tips on the benefit of performing longer consults, how you can invest back into your business, role-playing tips for your front desk staff and much more!

Episode 30: Sneak Peek of the Model Rules: Who Can Do What?

Jay Reyero, JD, of ByrdAdatto, and Patrick Armstrong O’Brien, JD, of AmSpa join Alex Thiersch for a live audience recording at the AmSpyrDatto retreat in Denver, where they preview the Model Rules for the medical aesthetics industry that AmSpa and ByrdAdatto are rolling out very soon.

Episode 29: The Secret to Upselling: "Less is More"

Dr. Thuy Doan, founder of Bespoke Aesthetics + Concierge Medicine shares why a "less is more" approach is a long-term strategy for building trust with patients, and how simplicity can go above and beyond expectations.

Episode 28: Reputation Management: How to Turn a Negative into a Positive

The Founder of eMerit, Jeffrey Segal, unpacks the risks and opportunities of reputation management in the aesthetics space. Is there a strong correlation between online reviews and the efficacy of medical spas? Find out how you can best prepare your practice for negative reviews.

Jeffrey J. Segal, MD, JD, is a neurosurgeon turned serial entrepreneur turned attorney at ByrdAdatto who has literally been in both business and medicine. Segal was a neurosurgeon in private practice before beginning the second phase of his career as a serial entrepreneur in the healthcare field. He then founded or co-founded four separate health care startups. Segal lives and breathes healthcare and understands it viscerally.

Episode 27: The Cosmetic Path to Purchase

Alex and Cathy meet with Greg Pierce, senior vice president and general manager of CareCredit, to take an in-depth look at the results of CareCredit’s new patient survey, The Cosmetic Path to Purchase, which discusses how consumers choose cosmetic providers, including the steps they go through prior to purchase, the types of online research patients do prior to making a decision, and the impact of offering patient financing. For more information, visit

Episode 26: The Power of the Journey

Each medical aesthetic success story is made up of different steps on a similar journey. Dr. Tricia Bedrick’s story is an evolution of how this Ohio family practitioner turned a terrible boating accident into a thriving medical aesthetic business by taking it slow and building each aspect with thoughtfulness and intention.

Episode 25: Legal Roundtable at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Symposium

Legal Roundtable at VCS: Health care attorneys Michael Byrd, Brad Adatto, Jay Reyero and Jeff Segal of ByrdAdatto join Alex to discuss the most pressing legal topics at the annual Vegas Cosmetic Surgery show. The conversation includes:
• Responding to patient reviews while respecting HIPAA, and;
• Developing SOPs and consent forms, and whether you should download standard forms from the internet.

Episode 24: When You're Offered a Seat on the Rocket Ship

From working as a pediatric emergency RN to being one of the top Allergan injectors nationwide to now launching her own business, AmSpa Member and medical aesthetic social media influencer Kelly Gibbs, RN, shares why, when offered a seat on the rocket ship, you don’t ask which seat—you just get on and enjoy the ride.

Episode 23: What Does it Take to Succeed in Sales?

Join Clark Kent and Mr. Incredible (aka Derek Babin, Senior Director of Customer Experience and Erik Anderson, Vice President of Sales, for Cynosure) to learn the traits and habits it takes to succeed in sales. Hint: Belief plays a big role.

Episode 22: Top Dermatologist Tackles Top Business Problem in Medical Spas: Retail (Sponsored Podcast)

In this episode, world-renowned dermatologist, Leslie Bauman, MD, FAAD, Founder of Skin Type Solutions, joins AmSpa to talk about being an entrepreneur, selling skin care in med spas, and her climb to the top of the aesthetics industry.

Episode 21: Insight on Texas SB2366 and Med Spa Franchising Secrets with Nicole Strothman of Ideal Image

In this episode, AmSpa founder and CEO, Alex Thiersch, and AmSpa COO Cathy Christensen sit down with Nicole Strothman of Ideal Image and learn about the secrets of Ideal Image’s success, as well as insight into the new proposed Texas bill, SB 2366, and what it means to you … even if you’re not in Texas.

Episode 20: What is Your Soul Fuel? Learning How to Channel What Drives Your Passion Into Your Career

Wendy Collier, renowned business coach for entrepreneurial women, joins Medical Spa Insider to talk about locking in to your meaning and drive (your “soul fuel”), as well as what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in the aesthetic space; how to develop the entrepreneurial mindset; and how to overcome fears in business.

Episode 19: The PA Paradigm: How Physician Assistants are Dominating in the Medical Spa World

Join host and AmSpa CEO, Alex Thiersch and AmSpa COO, Cathy Christensen, as they chat with two of the industry’s power PA’s: Maegen Kennedy of Windermere Dental and Medical Spa and Lily Nizam of Alabama Surgical Arts. Learn how these PAs are navigating the medical spa world and finding success and opportunity around every corner.

Episode 18: Breaking News Podcast: AmSpa Interviews ByrdAdatto Attorneys About Texas Botox Arrest

News of the arrest of a popular nurse injector in Texas has sent shockwaves through the med spa community. Join AmSpa CEO and founder, Alex Thiersch, as he interviews ByrdAdatto attorneys Michael Byrd and Bradford Adatto regarding the impact this incident has on the medical spa community as a whole and how you can avoid the same fate.

Episode 17: Looking Beyond the Bottom Line (With Profitable Results): Botox Josh Davis, RN, Davis Aesthetics

From an early age, Botox Josh Davis has overcome obstacles to learn the importance of finding and fixing the root of the problem, in both medical aesthetics and in life itself. Learn from Josh how this approach and method has brought him to a great level of success in a short amount of time, resulting in love from patients, team members and the world at large through his growing social media influence.

Episode 16: Injectable Aesthetics Are a Lifestyle - Millennials, Botox, and LexRx

The NPs of LexRx talk about excelling at two things many industry veterans still don't have a handle on: running an injectables-only practice, and servicing a client base of primarily Millennials. Listen as they talk about their journey into aesthetics, how they built their brand, and how they structured their business model to succeed in ways that many still don't know where to start. (Hint: Sell results and experiences, and NEVER discount medical services.)

Episode 15: Making Money Solely On Injectables: The Botox Labb Blueprint

One chair, one injector, and a successful medical spa practice. Danielle Smith of Miami's Smith & Popov talks through how she built her business model, the most important metrics she tracks, and how she stays lean, efficient, and profitable to break the myth that you can't make money on injectables.

Episode 14: Building, Running, Selling, and Investing in Medical Spas

Brandon and Jenny Robinson of Skin Body Soul Spa have started up and sold multiple med spa chains in their time in the industry and recount their process of building their aesthetic success. Additionally, Nicole Chiaramonte of Synergy Aesthetics provides insight as an industry investor on what makes the industry attractive, and what makes a prosperous medical spa practice.

Episode 13: Dr. Sheila Nazarian on Her Goals, Her Motivations, and Her History in Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Sheila Nazarian is a star that is still on the rise in the world of plastic surgery, and she talks about her goals, her motivations, and her influence in the world of social media. Listen in to hear stories from her career, her background, and her personal philosophy.

Episode 12: What Does the FDA Alert Regarding Feminine Rejuvenation Mean for Medical Spas?

Recently the US Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to several major device manufacturers about the marketing of vaginal rejuvenation devices. The notice clarified that the scope of FDA clearance on the machines only covered certain procedures, not including vaginal rejuvenation.

Jay Reyero, JD, partner at the law firm of ByrdAdatto weighs in on what this notice might mean for medical spa practices, and the steps owners and practitioners should take in light of the warning.

Episode 11: Things Start Up Med Spas Need to Know: Identifying Challenges and Finding Solutions

Jay and Mara Shorr of Shorr Solutions reveal tips they give to startup medical spa practices. Listen in to hear strategies and solutions to common med spa challenges. What are typical med spa pitfalls? How much capital do startups need? When should you buy a laser? Learn about this and much more!

Also find out about the charitable foundation MSD Save Our Schools, and how you can help to address the challenges of gun violence in our schools.

Episode 10: Tips for Securing Financing for Your Medical Spa From Wells Fargo

How do you secure funding for your med spa startup? How can you apply for a loan for capital equipment purchases? What are banks looking for when working with medical spa practices?

AmSpa Founder/Director Alex Thiersch sits down with Jeremiah Johnson and Chris Maiwald of WellsFargo to find the answer to these questions, and many more!

Jeremiah Johnson is Vice President and Healthcare Specialist with Wells Fargo, and he works with physicians on a daily basis. He is experiences in understanding cash flow, collections, and being a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs in the med spa and medical aesthetic space.

Chris Maiwald is the Vice President of Business Banking with Wells Fargo, and has been a trusted advisor to business owners in healthcare for over a decade. Acquisitions, start-ups, financing, refinancing, and day-to-day business transactions are commonplace for Chris.

Episode 9: Starting Up a Med Spa from A to Z with Maegen Kennedy of Windermere Dental and Medical Spa

Maegen Kennedy, PA-C, Owner of Windermere Dental & Medical Spa speaks in detail about how she built her business from planning, to build out, to choosing treatments, to her consultation process, and more! Listen in on the secrets to her success, not only as an expert clinician but as a business owner as well.

Check out the video updates that Maegen recorded during her buildout below.

Episode 8: Keys to Becoming a Social Media Influencer with Emerald Gutierrez and Alice Benjamin

Emerald Gutierrez and Alice Benjamin, medical aesthetic nurses and social media influencers, talk to AmSpa director Alex Thiersch about how to organically build a following and a personal brand. They discuss not only social media, but also becoming recognized authorities in their specialties, and how Alice was first approached to appear on the Dr. Oz show.

Episode 7: Getting Started in Medical Aesthetics with Rejuvenate Med Spa

Christina Imes started Rejuvenate Med Spa three years ago as a serial entrepreneur, and since joining forces with award-winning nurse injector Rhonda Policandriotes, has grown the practice to one of the best in the business. The pair have since launched Rejuvenate Injector Training, sharing Rhonda's expertise with other injectors in medical aesthetics. The two chat with AmSpa founder/director Alex Thiersch and director of operations Cathy Christensen about getting their practice up and running, and their steps on the way to med spa success.

Episode 6: Keys to Millennials in Med Spas, and the Wave of Female Leadership in the Industry with Wendy Lewis

Wendy Lewis and Melissa Ben-Joseph stop by to discuss the power of Millennials as medical spa patients, and how women have taken the lead in medical aesthetics, among many other things. Learn keys to grow your practice through smart, targeted marketing with advice from some of the best in the business.

Visit to purchase Wendy Lewis' book, Aesthetic Clinic Marketing in the Digital Age and learn how to make modern digital marketing work for your practice.

Episode 5: Protecting Against Sexual Harassment and Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

Sexual harassment and pregnancy discrimination are growing concerns in the modern workplace. Renee Coover, JD, AmSpa general counsel and associate at the law firm of ByrdAdatto, covers how to protect against these threats, as well as her experience as a speaker on the TEDx stage about these very topics.

Click here to watch her webinar on workplace sexual harassment.

Click here to watch her TEDx Talk on pregnancy rights.

Episode 4: The Most Overlooked Must-Haves in Medical Spas According to Louis Frisina and Tim Sawyer

Medical aesthetics experts Louis Frisina and Tim Sawyer, President of Crystal Clear Digital Marketing speak on a wide range of topics including the main blind spots of people entering the medical spa industry, overcoming their biggest driving fears at the beginnings of their careers, and much more!

Louis Frisina is a medical aesthetic luminary who is, among many other things, credited with introducing Restylane to the American market. He now runs a consulting firm and a hedge fund, both targeting this booming industry.

Tim Sawyer is Founder and President Crystal Clear Digital Marketing, one of the premier digital marketing firms in the medical aesthetic space.

Episode 3: Patient Advocate Law Firm Sukhman|Yagoda on Avoiding Medical Malpractice Lawsuits
Patient advocate attorneys Alex Sukhman and Ryan Yagoda stop by to discuss the mindset and process behind medical malpractice lawsuits, and what medical spas can do to reduce the risk of being sued.

Listen below to find the steps you can take before, during, and after treatment to protect yourself and your practice.

Episode 2: Terri Wojak, LE/President, True U Education on Her Career in Aesthetics, Advocacy, and Working with Plastic Surgeon Steven Dayan
AmSpa Founder/Director Alex Thiersch and Director of Operations Cathy Christensen sit down with their long-time friend Terri Wojak, LE/President of True U Education.

They discuss her book, Aesthetics Exposed (with an update on the horizon!), her career in aesthetics, her work advocating for aestheticians, working with world-famous plastic surgeon Steven Dayan, and more!

Episode 1: Terri Ross, Managing Partner, Lasky Aesthetics, on CoolSculpting, Paul Nassif, and Top-selling Med Spa Treatments
Alex Thiersch, founder/director of the American Med Spa Association, sits down with Terri Ross, and aesthetic attorney Brad Adatto to discuss her career, her successes, and making it in the increasingly competitive medical aesthetic industry.

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