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Traveler's Safety Tips

Tuesday, June 13, 2017   (0 Comments)
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With the summer months upon us, it’s family vacation time!  And, while we look forward to our vacation trips, so too do the bad guys and the scammers.

The following was shared with Steve Wilder, member and COO of Sorensen, Wilder & Associates earlier by his lifelong friend, who was vacationing with his wife.:

As a martial arts instructor, I know to always be aware. Late last night, about 4:00 am there was a knock on our hotel door. I did not hear it but my wife did and woke me. I got up and asked who it was? “It's Bree, you called me” a female voice said. I said “I did not call anyone and you have the wrong room.”  She knocked again, and I said “you have the wrong room”.  She said “well I will just call the police”, and I said “go ahead”. As I looked out of the peep hole, I could see part of her. About 5' 7, long black hair, and she held her left arm up to act like she was brushing her hair.  I also saw another arm standing back toward the corner wall in the hall. As she turned away , I could not see her face but she was looking at her phone as she talked to the other girl.  When I travel, I make sure the door is always dead bolted and bar latch on. Today, I gave all the details to the hotel management to be aware. They said after 10:00 pm the front door has to be buzzed to get in and all other doors need a key to get in. So always be aware, never open a door, and keep it dead bolted and bar locked just in case.
My friend was lucky. He teaches street safety and self-defense, and immediately recognized this as a scam. Others may not have.
If you are traveling on vacation this summer, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:
- Make copies of all of your credit cards, important identification information, including your medical insurance cards, and your traveler's checks. Take one copy with you (pack it separately from the cards themselves) and leave one copy at home.
- Never display large amounts of cash when making a purchase. The money you keep with you should be in small denominations.
- Take little cash with you. Bring most of your money in the form of traveler's checks or plan to use your credit cards while on vacation.
- Never put your home address on your luggage tags. Write your phone number instead.
- Make sure all of the doors and windows to your home are secured and locked. If your home has an alarm system, arm it when you leave for your vacation.
- Never post your travel plans on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media.
- Have your mail held at the post office and your newspaper delivery put on hold.
- Use automatic timers to turn your lights on and off.
- Park your car in areas that are well lit and as close to your destination as possible.
- Always close all of the windows and lock the car doors. Keep all valuables out of view by locking them in the trunk, tucking them under the seat or placing on the floor and covering them with a blanket.
- Never leave your wallet, purse, or checkbook in the car. Always keep them with you.
- If you are driving and become lost, do not stop on the side of the road to check the map. Drive to a brightly lit, public place to do so.
- Never leave your car unattended with the motor running.
- If you are going out sightseeing, ask at the hotel front desk if there are any areas you should avoid.
- Only take the cash you need for the day with you. Leave the rest, and all other valuables, locked in the hotel or motel safe.
- When you check into your room, make a mental note of the locations of the stairs and fire exits.
- Never open your hotel room door to anyone without first checking with the front desk.  Impersonating maintenance or housekeeping is a common trick perpetrators will use to gain access to the room.

Hopefully these simple tips will make your summer travel safe, secure, and hassle free!

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