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Hawaii Next Level Leadership Event
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The NEXT Level Leadership Conference

Taking Your Practice from Good to Great

June 13 - 15, 2018
Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort
Maui, Hawaii

The medical spa industry gets more competitive every day. See inside the numbers of the nation's best med spas, and learn the metrics and processes they use to achieve them. Become a med spa industry leader with AmSpa.

This three-day seminar will cover topics such as:
  • CEO/Leadership training;
  • Measuring business and performance intelligence;
  • Key metrics from the nation's best med spas;
  • Tips from the top med spa professionals;
  • Brainstorming solutions to your biggest challenges;
  • ...and more!

Additionally, the schedule will feature key note talks from some of the most impactful leadership speakers in the country, not to mention plenty of time to spend outside enjoying paradise!

What our attendees say:

Full Price

Non-members $ 750 00
Members $ 650 00
Additional Attendee $ 605 00
    Members save $100 off of the full ticket price!

8:45–9am | Registration and Continental Breakfast

9–10am | Building Leaders From Scratch–How Today's Leaders Will Shape Tomorrow's $10 Billion Medical Spa Market
Speaker: Alex Thiersch, JD, AmSpa
This is one of the only industries in which thinking compassionately about others and improving their lives can make you rich. How do you balance the opportunity to build million-dollar brands with the responsibility you have on others' appearance, confidence, and self-worth. The answer lies in how you position yourself, and what you project to your patients and your team. Although there are many techniques and processes that, if employed, will increase your bottom line, the key to leadership and success in this industry is conveying compassion toward others. If you do that, success will follow.
  • What defines success in this industry? Money? Results?
  • How much money can you actually make? How much money should you make?
  • What do the best medical spa leaders do to build successful brands?
  • The case for expansion vs. the case for staying small

10am–5pm | Performance Intelligence–Take Your Leadership to the Next Level
Speaker: Robin Pou
Performance intelligence, the principles of sport psychology brought to the business world, helps leaders evaluate how "smart" they are about their performance. This approach effectively rains and coaches leaders to take their professional game to the next level. Performance intelligence is simple at its core: thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to results.

Whether you are seeking to advance your personal leadership, more effectively lead your medical aesthetic team, or grow your medical aesthetic business, you will learn how to train your mental game to fulfill those goals. This workshop will focus on the thinking techniques to decrease doubt, close the confidence gap and perform your best when it matters most.

We will focus on your past performances. Acknowledging those successes and failures allows you to apply those experiences and chart an improved success trajectory. Through that lens, we will focus on the four essential elements of an effective leader's plan:
  • Vision: A clear picture of the future state you want to realize and are committed to achieving.
  • Strategy: The three priority areas of focus consistently used to achieve your vision.
  • Identity: The unique mix of your personality, strengths, gifts and talents that equip you to carry out your strategy.
  • Purpose: The greater passion that motivates you and calls you forward to action and effectiveness

You will have a greater understanding of your leadership strengths and purpose, commitment to a compelling vision, and confidence in the strategy to fulfill your greatest professional vision.

After Day 1, you will be prepared for the balance of the NEXT! Level agenda as it builds on the performance intelligence foundation by equipping you to more confidently execute your business toward the success you desire.

Detailed Day 1 Agenda:
  • 10–11:30am: Leadership Training
  • 11:30–11:45am: Break
  • 11:45am–12:30pm: Leadership Training/Vision Walk
  • 12:30–1:45pm: Lunch
  • 1:45–3:15pm: Leadership Training
  • 3:15–3:30pm: Break
  • 3:30–5pm: Leadership Training

5–7pm | AmSpa 5th Anniversary Birthday Party!

6:30–7:30am | Answer the Bell: Yoga on the Beach!

8:30-8:45am | Continental Breakfast

8:45–9:15am | Opening Remarks

9:15am–12:45pm | The Systems, Processes and Tools the Best Medical Spas Use
Take a deep dive into what makes the best medical spas special. What structures, systems and processes do they use that are different? What do they focus on? What metrics do they track? If you want to become a top medical spa, what better way than to learn from those who have already done it?
  • 9:15–9:35am: The Medical Spa Eco-System
    Speaker: Tim Sawyer, Crystal Clear Digital Marketing
  • 9:35–9:55am: Monthly Memberships That Build Loyalty and Revenue
    Speaker: Brandon Robinson, Skin Body Soul Spa
  • 9:55–10:10am: BREAK
  • 10:10–10:30am: How to Protect Your Business Interests: Confidential Information, Covenants Not to Compete and Non-Solicitation Agreements
    Speaker: Renee Coover, JD, ByrdAdatto
  • 10:30–10:50am: The Money-maker–Consultations That Sell Themselves
    Speaker: Terri Ross, Lasky Aesthetics
  • 10:50–11:10am: Building a Brand Through One Treatment
    Speaker: Carmen Vanderheiden Brodie, The Finery
  • 11:10–11:30am: How to Balance Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction
    Speaker: Justin Harper, MD, Juvly Aesthetics
  • 11:30–11:30am: Social Media Posting and Influencing
    Speaker: Emerald Gutierrez, RN

11:50am–1pm | Lunch (Sponsored by Environ/Dermaconcepts)

1–2:30pm | Success Stories Round Table
Session Leader: Robin Pou
Group Leaders: Terri Ross, Lasky Aesthetics; Justin Harper, MD, Juvly Aesthetics; Brandon Robinson, Skin Body Soul; Renee E. Coover, JD, ByrdAdatto; Carmen Vanderheiden Brodie and Phil Marandola, The Finery; Emerald Gutierrez, RN
Learn from medical spa owners who have experienced more than $3 million in revenue as they share their stories. Then engage in a lively conversation about what makes a successful medical spa, the factors essential to their success, and the future of aesthetics.

2:30–3pm | Closing the Loop: Valuing and Selling Your Medical Spa
Speaker: Alex Thiersch, JD
Learn from one of the pioneers of the medical aesthetics industry about what makes medical spas attractive when they are up for sale.
  • Learn the characteristics of an attractive medical spa
  • Discover what your spa is worth
  • See things from a buyer's POV: What a buyer looks for when purchasing a medical spa

3–4:30pm | It's 5:00 Somewhere: Tropical Happy Hour With the Entrepreneurs, Influencers and Speakers

5–8pm: Grand Wailea Lu'au

8–8:30am | Continental Breakfast

8:30–10am | The Psychology of Pricing and How Understanding It Can Change Your Business for the Better
Speaker: Rebecca Gelber, MD

10–10:30am: Break

10:30–11:30am | Measuring Success Metrics
Speakers: Dori Soukup, InSPAration Management; Bryan Durocher, Durocher Enterprises
In this session, the group will review the top metrics the best medical spas focus on and measure, and reveal some of their top and bottom line numbers. This is a great opportunity to learn important lessons from others' successes and challenges.
  • Income vs. expense/annual revenue/gross profit margin
  • Payroll expenses
  • Marketing expenses
  • High-ROI treatments
  • ROI on providers and treatments
  • Metrics to review every day, month, quarter, year
Based on these numbers, what can be learned? What can be improved upon? Made more efficient?

11:30am–12:30pm | Lunch

12:30–2pm | Success Metrics Breakouts
Alex Thiersch, JD, AmSpa
Group Leaders: Dori Soukup, InSPAration Management; Bryan Durocher, Durocher Enterprises; Terri Ross, Lasky Aesthetics; Tim Sawyer, Crystal Clear Digital Marketing
Break into small groups with each group going over their own numbers in the same format as the morning success stories. During this time, the groups review certain predetermined metrics and discuss, as a group, what they mean and how each medical spa can improve. Each group will have one leader to help guide the discussion and make observations on the numbers.

2–3pm | Breakouts–On the Hot Seat
After lunch, breakouts continue, with each owner getting a chance to be on the "hot seat." Attendees should come prepared with a business challenge they'd like to solves, and pitch it to the other group members to talk about the best way to solve that problem. This hot seat conversation will be led by one of the consultant leaders. Attendees must submit their challenges ahead of time in order to be paired with the proper leader, and other attendees facing the same issues.

Program Ends: Aloha and Mahalo!

Celebrate 5 Years With Us!

AmSpa is proud to have dedicated the past five years to helping medical spas and aesthetic practices become legally compliant, efficient, profitable, and successful.

Over 650 medical spa and aesthetic professionals have attended an AmSpa Boot Camp or regional regulatory workshop.

Over 450 medical spa and aesthetic professionals representing over 200 individual spas attended the first ever Medical Spa Show earlier this year.

The past five years have seen unbelievable and unprecedented growth in the non-invasive medical aesthetic industry, and the best is still yet to come. Celebrate with AmSpa, and take your practice to the Next Level.

Robin Pou

Robin Pou has worked as a chief advisor and strategist, with leaders from Fortune 100 executives to entrepreneurs of high-growth companies, and well-known brands, including State Farm, Southwest Airlines, BakerBotts, and cabi.

As a former COO, General Counsel and Board Member, he has completed dozens of M&A transactions, led hundreds of employees across diverse teams and scaled businesses to successful exits. He’s also the founder of three successful start-up companies, including, which he sold to Gaylord Entertainment.

Robin was the highlight of our annual Basecamp Conference. As our only outside speaker he delivered in every way! He engaged the audience with both stories and transformational concepts that equipped our attendees to think about their leadership in a new way. He delivered exactly what our audience needed.

-Veeral Rathod, CEO, J. Hilburn
Carmen Vanderheiden Brodie

Carmen Vanderheiden Brodie is the founder and CEO of The Finery, formerly Tataway. The company focused on tattoo removal exclusively for seven years before adding skin care services to its menu. The Finery has pioneered the Pico-second revolution and remains one of the most Pico-experienced facilities in the world. The Finery has grown from a solo shop to four brick-and-mortar locations in four states and a mobile team that services another 30 sites in a five-state radius in just seven years.

Renee Coover

From the stage, to the board room, in the courtroom, and even on a TED Talk platform, Renee Coover is comfortable in front of any audience. Coover’s practice focuses on representing business clients, primarily focusing on the health care industry. She assists doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals with their businesses and regulatory challenges. She routinely advises and counsels business owners in proper corporate formation, complying with specific state laws and regulations, and implementing proper employment policies and practices for their business.

Bryan Durocher

Bryan Durocher is the author of Wakeup Live the Life You Love in Beauty, and is the founder of Durocher Enterprises. He was named one of the "Top 20 People to Know in the Beauty Industry" by Global Cosmetic Industry magazine, and provides coaching, consulting, global, industry trends, and marketing solutions for medical spa and spa professionals internationally.

Louis Frisina

Louis Frisina is a renowned biotechnology entrepreneur and aesthetics industry thought-leader. He is Harvard-educated with more than 30 years of success discovering new markets, and has been an advisor to several private equity and hedge funds for M&A and capital raise.

Justin Harper, MD

In 2014 Dr. Justin Harper founded Juvly Aesthetics as a small, single provider practice while he was still a dermatology resident at the Ohio State University. Just over three years later, Juvly has five full-scale clinics and is one of the fastest growing aesthetics practices in the nation. Dr. Harper is one of only a few medical practitioners that have been invited to sit on the 2017 Allergan Facial Aesthetics National Advisory Board and is a master of client interaction and expectation management. This dedication to education and aesthetic expertise has given Juvly a 200% growth rate year-over-year.

Brandon Robinson

Vagabond at heart, entrepreneur by choice, Brandon Robinson is the founder and CEO of Skin Body Soul MedSpa, a multi-state, multiple location medical spa based in Texas, Iowa, and Washington. Robinson is also a partner with Dr. Grant Stevens' medical spa, Orange Twist, based in Los Angeles, CA. He has started and operates multiple businesses, sold medical devices in the aesthetics industry, and helped consult for He currently lives in Sacramento, California with his wife, Jennifer, a former industry council board member member for the American Society of Dermatological Surgery and current Sientra territory manager.

Terri Ross

Terri Ross is managing partner and director of Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center, which she transformed from a $500,000 to a $2.5 million business in the span of 18 months. She was also a consultant for world-renowned plastic surgeon Garth Fisher, M.D. when he opened his medical spa in Beverly Hills and has been working with world-renowned facial plastic surgeon and host of the TV show Botched, Dr. Paul Nassif, since 2012. Her experience also spans the corporate world working for several leading medical device companies such as Zeltiq, Medicis, EMD Serono and Johnson & Johnson.

Tim Sawyer

Tim Sawyer is the president and co-founder of Crystal Clear Digital Marketing which provides health and wellness professionals with a fully integrated digital marketing system with a focus on the aesthetic market. Since co-founding Crystal Clear, Sawyer has been published in Dermatology Times, Cosmetic Surgery Times, and Med Spa Management, writing about the new technology eco-system that has emerged in the medical spa community.

Dori Soukup

Dori Soukup is the founder and CEO of InSPAration Management, a firm specializing in spa and salon business development and advanced education. she is the recipient of the American Spa Preferred Educator award and is a sought-after global speaker within the spa and medical spa industries. She is a published author with articles and insights featured in national and international trade publications in addition to her book, Spa Business Secrets to Increase Profits.

Alex Thiersch

Alex Thiersch, JD, is the Founder and Director of the American Med Spa Association, and he is also a partner at the business, healthcare, and aesthetic law firm of ByrdAdatto. He has extensive experience representing industry professionals before state medical boards, and is one of the most sought after speakers in the country regarding matters of practice management and medical aesthetic law including conferences for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the Global Aesthetics Conference, Vegas Cosmetic Surgery, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, The Medical Spa Show, and others.

The Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

3850 Wailea Alanui Drive
Wailea, HI 96753

AmSpa Group Block is now closed. Please click on the link for best available rates or call 800-888-6100 and mention AmSpa for the best available current rate*
Click here to view photos a descriptions of specific room types.

Please note:
The hotel is approximately 18 miles (35 minutes) from Kahului Airport (OGG). Direct flights are available into Kahului Airport from LA, San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Portland, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, and Seattle. Check back soon for details regarding recommended transportation options from Kaului Airport to The Grand Wailea.

Shuttle Options
  1. SpeediShuttle provides shared ride airport transportation in Mercedes shuttles at a per person rate of $23.33 one way, $46.66 round trip between OGG the Grand Wailea. Shuttles may make stops at more than one resort. Guests with prearranged arrival reservations are met in the baggage claim area, then directed to their waiting shuttle. Vehicle amenities include complimentary Wi-Fi, 6’1” headroom, three point seat restraints, adjustable headrests and roomy comfortable seats.
  2. One way rates for private transfers, please note all private transfer rates include gratuity.
    • Sedan (up to 3 guests) $222.00
    • SUV (up to 4 guests) $242.00
    • Exclusive shuttle (up to 11 guests): $180.25

Rental Car
  1. On-property Enterprise Rental Car– located in the lobby near the concierge desk at the Grand Wailea
  2. Kahului Airport (OGG) has numerous car rental companies located on the airport property.

Taxi Cab
  1. Royal Taxi Service is recommended to and from Grand Wailea and has online booking capabilities. Average price is $75 from OGG airport to Grand Wailea and $55 from Grand Waile to OGG airport.

Hotel Deposit and Cancellation Policy

When reservations are made the hotel requires a deposit equal to the room and tax for 2 nights. An individual’s deposit is fully refundable with 30 days’ notice prior to the scheduled arrival. Cancellations or changes to arrival and/or departure dates within 30 days of arrival will result in full payment of room and tax for each night cancelled, up to 2 nights.

*In addition to the group block rates above, there will be the following charges added to each room reservation:
  1. Daily Resort Charge of $30 per room, per night, plus tax. Daily resort fee includes:
    a) A tropical flower lei greeting upon arrival
    b) Two bottles of water on day of arrival placed in guestroom
    c) 45-minute photography session with Pacific Dream Photography (must be scheduled in advance directly with hotel)
    d) Unlimited local, toll-free, and credit card calls (no access fee)
    e) Coffee & tea in guest rooms
    f) Participation on yoga classes
    g) Admission to twice-daily SCUBA clinics
    h) Use of Beach Cruiser Bikes (based on availability)
    i) Beach umbrellas for use on Wailea Beach (subject to availability)
    j) In-room Internet access (up to 20MB), with wireless capability and internet for multiple devices
  2. Porterage guest charge of $12.50 per person, per room for check-in and check-out service applicable to each guest occupying a room, regardless of age. This is a one time charge and NOT per night, however it is applicable to each person occupying the room.
  3. Room Attendant Charge of $3.00 per room, per day for standard rooms and $6.00 per room, per day for suites
  4. Local Taxes, fees and assessments; currently GET is 4.166% and TAT is 10.25% for a total of 14.416%. All taxes are subject to change.
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