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Aerolase® develops, manufacturers and markets new advanced laser technologies for dermatology and aesthetic applications. Driven by clinical research, our laser engineering team exclusively produces medical laser solutions that deliver a superior combination of efficacy and safety in therapeutic treatment.

Aerolase is improving the lives of patients by offering innovative laser technology that allows them to be treated effectively yet gently, regardless of skin type. We make this technology available to practitioners worldwide through our invention of the LightPod® laser – the only portable (22 lbs. or 11 kg) and maintenance-free laser for all skin types on the market; LightPod technology enhances the practitioner’s economic success by providing unique devices that maximize revenue generation in laser services while minimizing the total cost of ownership of the lasers.

Since 1996, Aerolase has pioneered many technological and clinical breakthroughs in medical lasers. Our strong and enthusiastic team actively continues to develop new advanced technologies with the goal of making Aerolase lasers an integral part of every medical spa.

Why Aerolase

The LightPod family of lasers represents a technology breakthrough in the field of laser medicine. The result is a new generation of dermatology and aesthetic lasers, built on the proven safety and versatility of gold-standard wavelengths 1064nm and 2940nm.

Traditional "big-box” Nd:YAG and Er:YAG lasers, which had been introduced during the 1990’s, quickly became the gold-standard dermatology laser modalities. These lasers have not changed since that time; they still possess all the clinical and design inefficiencies of that era.

Aerolase developed its revolutionary LightPod lasers to incorporate the best features of traditional big box lasers, while adding new innovative enhancements that result in a combination of Efficacy, Safety, Broader Range of Therapeutic Uses, and Return on Investment unmatched by any other dermatology laser system on the market.

To achieve this, Aerolase has designed its LightPod lasers to deliver the highest power for dermatology applications with uniquely optimized laser pulse parameters based on clinical research.

For example, the LightPod Neo is the only 1064nm laser on the market which can deliver high-powered650-microsecondpulses with up to 318 Joules/cm2 for high treatment efficacy, yet also providing unparalleled skin safety and a lack of pain. At the same time, LightPod lasers are the only portable (11 kg) and maintenance-free multi-use laser systems on the market, a remarkable innovation, which eliminates the cost and service headaches of traditional "big-box” lasers.

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